One of the strongest areas of work for AWI International B&C LTD. is contracting and energy, based on the work of a team in the field, both in the governmental and institutional or business profitability, and includes contracting buildings, residential communities, commercial buildings, government buildings and service contracting. The most important outlines of these works:

- electricity Power: The company is engaged in the study, supply, installation and maintenance of all necessary requirements for the implementation of electric power projects, both medium and high-voltages. (Electrical cables, electric transformers, generators, lighting networks, low, medium and high voltage lines).

- Solar and Alternative energy: The company is engaged in the preparation of studies, supply, implementation and maintenance of all forms of alternative energy.

- Power Transmission: AWI Power Transmission is a trusted and reliable one company solution for a variety of transmission products and brands required in every industry. With a deep understanding of the region, we work in close partnership with our customers combining our experience and knowledge to provide solutions to their industrial challenges.

- Hydraulics & Pneumatics: Hydraulics and Pneumatics is one of the major lines of business for AWI since its inception in 2006. Our 12 years’ experience made us an expert and market leader in the GCC region.

Our specialty includes supply of world class Hydraulic and Pneumatics components, Hydraulics Services, Repairs, Piping and Flushing. We also specialize in the supply of a vast range of high quality products for hydraulics, pneumatics, seals, hoses, fittings and components including: - Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Seals, Hoses & Fittings.