AWI International B&C LTD. has a dedicated and expert support team to provide all consulting and management services to the business sector as well as to non-profit, educational and academic institutions, Areas of consulting business:

- Marketing consulting: The marketing operations consist of a wide range. Therefore, AWI International is responsible for providing all marketing services for goods and services through the preparation of integrated marketing studies and research and applying them in whole or in part to each of the components of the marketing mix (production, pricing, promotion, distribution and sale)

- Management Consulting: Due to the importance of the administrative processes in the institutions and their role in achieving success and ensuring the achievement of the objectives, proper planning and determining the appropriate structure as the flow of operations in them has a role that can not be ignored in the continuity of institutions and their success. The company can provide all kinds of administrative and managerial support.

These management consultations can be provided to existing institutions or institutions under incorporation and to individual businesses. Among the administrative processes organized by the company for their client
• Administrative structures.
• Production Sections.
• Support operations (Finance, Logistics and Procurement, Human Resources, Monitoring and Evaluation ......)

- Financial and accounting services: AWI International provides its clients with all financial and accounting services including preparing the opening and closing budgets, financial reports, preparing the accounting system and the periodic review.

- Feasibility studies.

- Consultations for humanitarian organizations……