Commercial Sector

AWI International is committed to meeting all the business needs of its customers around the world by providing all industrial and commercial requirements in any country around the world.

AWI technology

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Consulting Sector

AWI International has a dedicated and expert support team to provide all consulting and management services to the business sector as well as to non-profit, educational and academic institutions.


Our Mission,
Values and Motto

AWI is a leading trading and industrial supplies company around world especially in Middle East, we supply clients with high-quality trading products and services for transportation, power transmission, industrial equipment and medical equipment & materials, in addition to consultations services for companies and organizations and individuals, when and where it will be need.

Our expanding distribution network, broad product line and delivery options help clients save time and money. We work with clients to drive results for their businesses, from keeping operations running efficiently today to continuously rethinking, retooling and optimizing for a more productive tomorrow.

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